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Build Social Work - Saturdays
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Waiver Statement:


I understand that as a student with Build Institute, I may in the course of my class activities and discussions learn private information from fellow students, teachers, Build Institute staff, and/or other presenters regarding such things as personal financial information, proprietary business information or business plans, sensitive information of a personal nature, and other information which would generally be expected and understood to be confidential in nature (“the confidential information”).

It is the policy of Build Institute that such confidential information should never be discussed with or disclosed to anyone except other students in my Build course, the Build Institute staff, or other persons authorized by the Build Institute staff or by the provider of this confidential information.

I understand and agree with this Build Institute policy, and I agree that this confidential information, whether provided in class, through casual conversation, or in writing will be kept confidential. Additionally, I agree not to use any such confidential information for my personal benefit in any way. I also agree that Build Institute is not responsible for the protection of any confidential information which I may disclose and that Build Institute will have no liability to me if any confidential information of mine is intentionally and inadvertently disclosed by any other members of my build class or anyone else to whom I disclose such information.

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